Tailored coating machines for building and insulating materials

Efficient and customized solutions

A variety of applications for industrial coatings and modern coating technology can be found in the building materials industry. The building materials produced by manufacturers today are high-tech. Facade cladding, insulating materials, and roof tiles need to be enhanced or provided with a functional coating using modern coating systems before they can be installed. With Venjakob systems, you can coat a whole host of building material components of various sizes, shapes, and material structures. Advanced coating machines for insulating materials can be used, for example, to coat the surfaces of these materials.

Requirement profile

Due to special machine requirements in the building materials industry – for example, coating acoustic ceiling tiles – the following are nothing new to us:

  • High material throughputs
  • Special requirements in terms of paint recovery
  • Lots of color switches                

Buildings materials include

  • Facade cladding
  • Acoustic ceiling tiles
  • Insulation materials|insulation materials (glass wool|rock wool|wood wool)
  • Stones (paving stones|terrace slabs)
  • Corrugated sheets
  • Roof tiles
  • Concrete

application spectrum

Coating lines for fibre cement boards and other applications

Particularly when it comes to producing fiber cement boards, acoustic ceiling tiles, and facade cladding, systems are required that enable fast color switches. The color management system developed by Venjakob for this purpose makes color switches like these a piece of cake.  

Picture facade cladding


Various facade claddings|fiber cement|facade panels are available in a wide range of colors. Quick color changes are a matter of course.

Acoustic ceiling tiles


As so often, there are different requirement profiles for one area of application. Venjakob fulfils them, such as: highest surface quality for customer-specific object production. Or: high paint throughputs, high quantities and paint recovery for production in large quantities.

Insulation|Insulating materials


A wide variety of system concepts are available for a wide range of insulation and insulating materials.

Most modern plant engineering  Venjakob is your specialist for painting and coating systems and can supply you with state-of-the-art system technology. Material handling, robotics, and a variety of drying ovens complement the coating process and round off our range to perfection. Even if there’s no direct relation to coating, Venjakob can offer you solutions that simplify your internal production processes. For example, material handling robots can automatically identify components and guide the workpieces through production based on their size and shape. It goes without saying that even coated workpieces can be gently transported in this way for drying.

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