Tailored special solutions

Venjakob represents so much more than just coating technology

Our solutions for purification, pretreatment, activation, drying, automation, and exhaust air purification are used in a whole host of industry sectors around the world. All of the systems have one thing in common: the reliability and effectiveness fulfill the requirements made of them, even when these have nothing to do with surface technology. For example, exhaust air purification systems are used in the pharmaceutical industry, and substrate dryers in building material and purification systems in the steel industry.

Bespoke, customer specific systems

There are times when a standardized solution just won’t do. Some production requirements demand special solutions. Working with customers, Venjakob develops one-of-a-kind, tailored systems that deliver maximum performance in unique production conditions in the field of special mechanical engineering. Thanks to decades of experience in the development of customer-specific industrial systems across all industries, Venjakob is your contact for special solutions. Your one-stop shop: surface pretreatment, coating, drying ovens, automation (material handling, handling technology, robotics), and exhaust air purification.

Tailored special systems for any industry

Anything’s possible! Our team could have come up with this statement itself. Venjakob has already developed and implemented numerous demanding special solutions,  as demonstrated by the following examples of our special solutions.

  • Fully automatic coating system for umbrella stands (concrete)
  • Shuttle portal system for pretreatment of fuel tanks
  • Core drying systems for foundry cores
  • Vulcanization tunnel for rubber pacifiers and baby bottle nipples
  • Dip coating system for railroad track securing systems
  • Spray painting line for roof tiles
  • Powder coating system with inductive powder fusion for chassis parts
  • Different coating machines for brakes and brake elements
  • Adhesive coating for brake pad carriers
  • Bonding agent coating for chassis shock absorber parts
  • Coating systems for door lock components    
Particularly in the field of industrial coatings you can rely on the exceptional expertise of Venjakob system manufacturers. Special systems specifically tailored to the requirements of your production environment increase effectiveness and ensure the reliable, high-quality manufacture of your products. In addition to traditional surface treatment systems, Venjakob also offers you special systems for substrate drying for the building materials industry as well as purification and degreasing plants for the steel industry.

Feel free to get in touch with us – our experts in special system engineering can work with you to develop system concepts that optimize your production processes. 
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