machine manufacturing made in germany

The Venjakob product development process, from the first component to final production

Venjakob machine production boasts a high vertical range of manufacturing. From the first section of pipe and sheet of metal to the coating and assembly of the complete system, we develop the product entirely in-house for our customers.

Our production facility houses all of the production machinery required for processing pipe, round, and flat materials and sheet metal, including:  

  • Machine tools 
  • Processing machines
  • Denibbing machines
  • Cutting machines
  • Laser machines

Our productions facilities include welding shops, paint shops, large assembly spaces, and an in-house control cabinet construction facility, which significantly reduces throughput times in machine production. With the aid of a variety of manufacturing processes and other services in our portfolio, we can fulfill our customers’ demanding quality requirements, observing all standards throughout the entire product development process as a matter of course. 

COmplete Production

Manufactured in-house. 
We manufacture every component ourselves - from sheet metal to the control cabinet. Fifty Percent (50%) of our employees work in production.

Your one-stop shop for energy-efficient, eco-friendly systems

A variety of certificates such as the DIN EN ISO 9001 attest to Venjakob’s high-quality, reliable services. Environmental aspects are a key concern not only in the system design, but also during production, as confirmed by the DIN EN ISO 14001 certification. Numerous product developments, some of which are patented, also allow our customers to make their production energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and economical.

Flexible production for tailored production systems

Due to the high vertical range of manufacturing and the work of trained production specialists, Venjakob mechanical engineering can implement individual customer requirements with outstanding accuracy. Our strengths include our spatial and personnel flexibility, both of which allow us to respond promptly to new or changed customer requirements in machine production. With industry 4.0 a key area of focus, Venjakob is already developing concepts that increase both the attractiveness of production for employees and the effectiveness in system and special mechanical engineering, incorporating important future technologies from the very start. In the field of mechanical and system engineering, manufacturing one-offs in a way that is economical can also be quite a challenge, which we’ve overcome for many years with a high degree of flexibility and the outstanding dedication of our employees.

Venjakob believes in the merits of in-house training

Particularly when it comes to production in mechanical and system engineering, the availability of employees with special skills is extremely important. Hands-on work on the product, special expertise, and craftsmanship are a requirement for producing our machinery and system components. Venjakob mechanical engineering requires the following skilled occupations in production to ensure we can continue to maintain the consistently high quality standards of our systems for our customers:

  • Precision machinist with a focus on mechanical engineering
  • Mechatronics technician
  • Machine operator
  • Process technician for coating technology

During their years of training, the trainees spend time in all of the departments relevant to the training and thus get acquainted with the operational requirements in each of these areas. As a result, our trainees have the opportunity to assess and expand their individual motivation and suitability for the various areas. Promoting careers in mechanical engineering and the resulting expertise not only benefit us as an employer but also our customers. 

As an experienced specialist in machine production, we’ll be happy to convince you of our expertise and our comprehensive service. Simply arrange a personal appointment with us now – we look forward to meeting you.