Modern Process Control Systems for system management

State-of-the-art process visualization

As a pioneer in special mechanical engineering, Venjakob fulfills customer desires with precision and individualized system concepts. Digitization and industry 4.0 offer you unimagined potential to optimize your process control technology. In the future, modern control technology for your production systems and lines will allow you to operate, service, and retrofit machines much more easily and efficiently. Automation solutions will also be integrated almost exclusively with process control systems.

Another benefit of the customized control systems with operating station for Venjakob machines is the fact that your employees can immediately correct any malfunctions or errors in the production process. Thanks to process visualizations and data protocols, the system operator can instantly see the location of any malfunctions. The smart control station immediately recommends solutions to the operators.


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Process control systems: simple, intuitive and effective

Venjakob’s process control systems for system visualization are installed on a 15-inch touch screen computer, which is designed specifically for demanding industrial environments. During operation, the touch screen computer displays relevant status messages and information for the system operator. The start screen shows the system layout in a modular presentation and, in a way, represents the digital observation station for the machine. As a whole, the individually displayed modules form the entire system or a complete production line. The system operator can view the process values on the touch screen computer at all times, while protocols are stored and can be accessed and consulted as desired.

If any errors occur in one or more modules in the industrial laboratory system, a system operator with the corresponding authorization can access the parameter level of the system visualization simply by touching the icon. Here your employees have the opportunity to adjust process values and thus correct any errors. The system is controlled via the parameter levels of the bus system, enabling immediate, targeted error correction inside the process control system’s digital control center.

Management and application of color recipes

Another smart efficiency feature of the modern Venjakob process control system is the option to store several process settings. Your employees can thus store formula names, mixtures, and formula settings at coating machines. If necessary, previously stored formulas can be selected simply by touching the system visualization. The system then immediately activates all of the necessary calibrations and is ready for a new coating process, significantly reducing costly setup times. If required by your production, additional control panels can be connected to the industrial computer to enlarge your control center. These options for customizing project planning in mechanical engineering set Venjakob apart from the rest.