Social Commitment at Venjakob

Social commitment – because we strive to see the big picture

Social commitment is an integral part of Venjakob’s history. Because our company has been managed by family since it was founded in 1963, giving and taking has always been a top priority for us. We view our success as a company as inextricably linked with social commitment and believe that Venjakob in Rheda is more than just a service provider and employer. As part of the community, we’re not only responsible for ourselves and our employees, but also feel our company has an obligation to society, with a particular focus on strengthening the regions surrounding our locations.

Our commitment to society

We as a family-run company operate on an international level, thanks to our employees as well as many actors in East Westphalia and partners around the world. Cultural involvement and support of charitable projects are a top priority for us. For example, our support of Gütersloher Tafel, which gives Christmas presents to the children of needy families, is something that’s very close to our hearts.

Ensuring quality through social commitment

Venjakob continues to represent quality and efficiency, as for us social commitment always goes hand in hand with a focus on environmental aspects. We’ve been working in accordance with this principle for decades to offer you forward-looking solutions. Our products help you to make your operations energy-efficient and eco-friendly, without compromising profitability, which is why we’re also a member of the Blue Competence sustainability initiative.

Another project is the targeted training of our employees, with the aim of giving them the opportunity to optimally expand their abilities and skills. We also help our employees balance family and career, as only satisfied, well-adjusted employees can do their part for society and work reliably in their job.

Social commitment

To be responsible. 
Responsible for the region in which we live and work. We are involved in over 35 projects - in sports, in customs, in 
education and for the church.