Cleaning Units

Dedusting machines and industrial parts washers

Ensuring the cleanliness of industrially manufactured end products requires efficient cleaning of component surfaces. Surface cleaning removes unwanted layers or particles from component surfaces and thus guarantees maximum purity. Venjakob provides specially designed dedusting, cleaning, and degreasing systems to ensure error-free processing of components in downstream processes such as color coating, galvanizing, and the curing of construction elements. By investing in our high-quality automatic parts washers, you can avoid any subsequent process and complaint costs as well as ensure high availability and efficiency in daily application. 

We offer sophisticated, customized cleaning units that exceed your ever-changing requirements associated with the quality and cleanliness of your products as well as form the foundation for high-quality coating. The system can be optimally integrated into the process and its cleaning effect tailored to the task at hand simply by adjusting a few individual parameters.

Versatile cleaning units:


Whether CO2 snow blasting or CO2 dry ice cleaning, our blasting systems represent perfection down to the smallest detail, from small 3D parts to large workpieces in large batches.

CO2 pretreatment


Dust removal systems employ air nozzles to remove adherent dust particles from workpieces. Ionization machines are used to neutralize electrostatic charges on component surfaces, as these tend to attract dust. Ionization is combined with a dust removal/blow-off system to boost the effect.


Sustainable integration of cleaning units into system processes

Venjakob’s surface cleaning systems can be used as a stand-alone solution or integrated as an upstream process in existing systems and production chains. As an expert in industrial systems, we always ensure that the system is configured for local conditions, the budget, and any other specific requirements our customers may have.

Your contact person

Share your requirements with us and we’ll be happy to help you choose the optimal cleaning process and configure an efficient dust removal and ionization machine. Feel free to get in touch with our expert contacts!