ROBOTIcs and automation

Greater efficiency with intelligent robot technology

The potential that intelligent robotics and automation have to increase efficiency is also of great importance for a majority of industrial companies. Robotics now offers modern automation solutions for repetitive assembly line tasks in the production process. Engineers and technicians can program and control industrial robots in line with requirements and thus make work procedures much more efficient, minimize errors, and further conserve resources. It’s just about impossible to imagine material handling without robotic automation. The most important applications for industrial robots are thus: 



The most important application areas for industrial robots:

  • Loading and unloading
  • Turning and flipping
  • Handing over and transferring
  • Pick and place

Venjakob industrial robots

Robotics offers intelligent, faster material handling – regardless of the objects and applications. Venjakob integrates industrial robots from a variety of well-known manufacturers into tailored automation concepts. You can reliably operate and easily maintain whole systems using a shared control system. Venjakob and US subsidiary Nutro Inc., have carried out plenty of projects featuring a whole host of workpieces. The corresponding robot is selected based on your specific requirement profile, with concepts ranging from stand-alone options to solutions fully integrated into an assembly line. With intelligent sensor and camera technology, we enable automatic recognition of workpieces when parts are arranged irregularly.

Would you like to make your production process as efficient as possible with modern mechatronics as well as increase your productivity with forward-looking electrotechnical robotics and automation? Perhaps you also work with very heavy or unwieldy workpieces and would like to make the work less demanding physically for your employees. Then get in touch with us. Our team develops tailored robotic automation solutions, even for wholly unique tasks. Our robotic solutions are state of the art. Place your trust in our many years of experience in developing and implementing modern automation solutions for greater efficiency and higher productivity at your facility.

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