Testing industrial systems at the industrial laboratory

Testing in realistic production conditions

When it comes to planning new systems and processes, our industrial laboratory provides you with the opportunity to test your products and the corresponding coatings in realistic production conditions. The industrial-system test includes workpiece pre-treatment, the automatic coating process, and workpiece drying. Our qualified industrial laboratory team will help you optimize your products and processes in close collaboration with sales. Production processes can be realistically reproduced for the purpose of troubleshooting and error analysis and thus developing the optimal solution with our team. You determine the environmental influences of the test procedure, which will allow you to identify any safety gaps and necessary environmental assessments in advance. We can also offer tailored customer training courses in the industrial laboratory’s training and meeting rooms.

Wherever you are, please take advantage of our test facilities at Rheda-Wiedenbrueck|German and Strongsville|Ohio, USA. You have a variety of test systems at your disposal for different test scenarios. As our customer, you can test your product and the corresponding coatings in fairly realistic conditions while you’re still in the process of planning new industrial systems and processes.

Venjakob develops customer-specific solutions

Venjakob can develop customer-specific solutions thanks to our diverse manufacturer network. The highly qualified Venjakob team always provides you with expert advice on selecting the appropriate components such as pumps, spray guns, and 2K systems.

  • Application processes
  • pretreatment
  • coatinG 2D and 3D
  • drying|Curing processes

Application processes+

Decorative and functional coatings can be applied to materials of all kinds using a variety of application processes. 


We offer a whole host of pretreatment options at the industrial laboratory. The purification process we tend to use is dust removal with ionization or CO2 snow jets. You have the option to activate workpieces with flame treatment or brushes to achieve the desired feel.

coatinG 2D and 3D+

The industrial laboratory also offers a wide variety of options for coating 2D and 3D parts. The most important machine components in the Venjakob system range are at your disposal for testing: 

  • Flat-bed coating machines with paper belt
  • Paint recovery
  • Dry suction
  • Ven Spray Vario (robot and flat-bed coating machine)
  • Lineal coating machine with Coolac®
  • Flat-bed coating machine with wet suction
  • Roller coating machines

drying|Curing processes+

The industrial laboratory also provides access to a variety of drying processes (industrial circulating air dryer, jet dryer up to 200°C, infrared paint curing system, microwave dryer, and Hydrex dryer) and curing processes (UV curing system and LED UV curing system).

Laboratory Rheda

Rheda-Wiedenbrück industrial laboratory

Here, customers and coating manufacturers have the opportunity to thoroughly test and examine workpiece pretreatment, the automatic coating process, and workpiece drying when planning new systems and processes. The industrial laboratory in Rheda-Wiedenbrück allows you to demonstrate and test industrial and general systems and machines in realistic production conditions.

Picture laboratory Strongsville ohio

Strongsville industrial laboratory

The Nutro, Inc., laboratory is equipped with virtually all of the spray painting and power coating technologies, from airspray, airless, HVLP, and electrostatic to all curing variations, including convection and gas or electric infrared, with every wave length, induction, and UV light. Our trained technicians can help to document your process by measuring layer thickness, adhesion, and curing. Even a slight adjustment in advance can lead to enormous savings in terms of coatings, rejects, and touch-up times.

Whether you’re developing a manufacturing process with a simple spray gun or a fully automatic system with robot coating system at an upright unit or an overhead track, we’re equipped to simulate production. We can even carry out pilot scale manufacturing on our automated COE system for you with the P50 Fanuc coating robot. The Nutro, Inc., industrial laboratory is simple to reach, as it’s just a few minutes away from Cleveland Hopkins Airport along Ohio interstate I-71.