Automation Technology as an Investment in the Future: Effective Cost-Savings Meets Maximum Flexibility 

Factory automation for process optimization

You can optimize your industrial production processes with modern automation solutions by Venjakob. With future-proof factory automation, you will increase the performance of your production facilities. How does it work? By using intelligent industrial automation to carry out repetitive work procedures associated with material handling and workpiece loading, forwarding, and adjustment. Our system solutions can convey, rotate, and turn parts big and small, whether they’re lightweight or heavier. 

Our engineers can develop the optimum handling concept specifically for your requirement profile, thus ensuring maximum efficiency and freedom when it comes to managing your processes. Take full advantage of the optimization potential provided by modern automation. With automated process engineering and procedures, you can exploit all the benefits of smart robotics at your company. Reduce your personnel costs by assigning repetitive work to programmed handling technology and industrial robots in your production. Based on your individual desires and requirements in terms of machine automation, we can produce customized solutions for you at our very own system engineering center.

Modern programming for industrial automation

Aside from the mere safety and effectiveness of the material flow within the coating line, Venjakob has developed tailored automation systems for numerous tasks. Complex tasks require the programming and integration of:

Components in the automation process

  • Processes
  • Robots
  • Systems
  • Workpiece recognition systems
  • Third party systems

Our team of experts writes the corresponding programs, so that your workpieces can be conveyed as desired. How does that benefit you? We’re your one-stop shop for tailored industrial automation, programming, delivery, and commissioning at your location. 

Simply get in touch with our experienced employees under Venjakob contact and allow our experts to show you how to optimize your machinery with automation and the associated processes. Place your trust in our experience, for system engineering and targeted project planning. As a manufacturer of high-quality automation solutions, we have years of experience in industrial automation and implement automation projects of all kinds. Whether it’s gantry systems that have to move heavy tank halves from A to B, or the development and installation of industrial robots that turn heavy-duty rollers or concrete umbrella stands for coating on both sides and then send them on their way to the drying station, we’ll carry out your automation projects using tailored industrial automation, with your full satisfaction guaranteed. 

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