VEN SPRAY COMFORT in operation - short lead times, a high degree of flexibility

Short lead times, a high degree of flexibility and quick servicing. This is not an empty promise at the Swedish surface finishing specialist LMAB Smaland AB, but rather verifiable. But, it requires ultra-modern machinery that is efficiency-oriented. A spray coating machine from Venjakob has been on board from the beginning.


Since the middle of the 90s tranquil Lenhovda has been the backdrop where finishing exclusive bathroom faucet series, store furnishings, window elements and customized furniture solutions takes place in 3-shift operation. Without modern, efficiency-oriented machinery it would be virtually impossible for the 30-employee company to maintain the required quality within the tight time frames of most orders. It is no surprise, then, that a spray coating machine from Venjakob has been in operation in the coating plant from the very beginning.


The “old one” still worked perfectly
This old spraying machine had 22 years of service under its belt when General Manager Anders Samuelsson decided: It is time for a new one. And preferably another “Venjakob” machine. “If you want to offer top quality products, you must have high quality machinery,” is the General Manager’s justification for turning once again to the premium manufacturer of surface finishing systems. The “old” machine still functioned without any problems. But Samuelsson felt that the outdated control system posed too great a risk. “We can’t afford to have malfunctions or machine breakdowns in the production system.” Samuelsson would rather have stability and reliability, even if it comes with a higher investment.


It’s all about the right attitude
The installation phase was characterized by terrific cooperation between LMAB Smaland, the Venjakob team and the Swedish retail partner Jon Stenberg. Everything ran smoothly, from the punctual delivery up to installation of the VEN SPRAY COMFORT in the existing overall system. Production was able to resume directly after the training of the team, who had already worked with the previous spray coating machine. However, after a few weeks, it became apparent that there were still several questions about the daily running of the machine that needed to be clarified. The residual overspray within the offset range of the main conveyor belt is collected using the patented V-belt paint recovery system. But in order to prevent incoming workpieces from being soiled by an unclean conveyor belt, the setting initially chosen during commissioning/start-up needed subsequent adjusting. Swift action was required.


Deferred second training session deemed very useful

Thanks to the on-site presence, Jon Stenberg employees along with the technically-skilled Venjakob account managers were able to quickly address the customer issues. “The default setting was fine. But the belt cleaning system had to be readjusted. That is totally normal with a pneumatically driven system”, explains Account Manager Oliver Milde from Venjakob. For this reason, as well as to clarify questions about the new type of machine, the machine operators were given a second training session. Since the operators had already been working some time with the machine at this point, the necessary corrections and adjustments were performed together. The entire team agreed that the second training was extremely useful. The machine was reset to new default settings. Everyone confirms, “Since then, it has all been running smoothly”.


The investment was totally worth it!”
The VEN SPRAY COMFORT  is a key component of the complete coating system, which is comprised of a robust drying system and cutting edge surface preparation machines. General Manager Samuelsson explains, “The production step of automated coating, which is integrated into our manufacturing process, is thus safeguarded for the future and can be continued at the accustomed high level of quality”. Moreover, the investment has already proven worthwhile. “The reduced cleaning effort has already resulted in increased productivity”, says Samuelsson. The overall machine concept thus proves its efficiency and enables a very high coating plant availability. Simply put, the concept works: “Minimum cleaning times for maximum production”.