Venjakob Surface pretreatment

Surface pretreatment as preparation for the coating process, or independently as industrial parts washing

Workpieces often have to be pretreated to achieve a perfect surface. Surface pretreatment removes impurities and is an important measure ahead of the coating process. Activation processes prepare the surface for absorption of the coating medium (improved feel) and optimize subsequent surface results.

Our expertise in surface pretreatment is your success!

Venjakob offers innovative system technologies that form the foundation for high-quality coating and exceed the ever-growing requirements associated with the quality and cleanliness of your products. Our experienced employees will be happy to advise you, so that the selected surface pretreatment system meets your requirements and optimizes your production. 

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Share your requirement profile with us. We can work with you to tailor the system to your specific workpiece and workpiece quantities,  as an individual solution or continuous system.

The modular design of our surface pretreatment and cleaning units makes it easy for you to expand your system if necessary, thus allowing you to respond quickly and flexibly to changing requirements in your market.