Coating machines for wood

Modern application systems for coating wood

Venjakob offers a large portfolio of coating machines for wooden workpieces, with the selection made on the basis of your requirement profile. There’s always a suitable coating solution, whether it’s for a one-off or batch production, as a stand-alone solution or compete coating line.

Wood applications, from raw wood to prefabricated buildings

Venjakob has the corresponding process expertise

  • Real-wood surfaces
  • Laminated surfaces
  • Spackled surfaces
  • Structured surfaces

Coating wood as a flat or complete workpiece 

Whatever the geometry of your workpiece may be, Venjakob offers many different application processes such as:

applications in many different areas

Venjakob systems accommodate an extensive spectrum of applications, ranging from waterproofing and adhesive application to enhancement in high-gloss look. Designed to be extremely flexible, the concepts will fulfill your expectations regarding the application of effect, decorative, and functional coatings.

kitchen high gloss


Kitchen furniture has very special requirements in terms of function and appearance, more so than any other furniture. It has to be especially durable: water-repellent and resistant to scratches, detergent, and steam. The finished high-gloss and matte kitchens will also impress your customers, thanks to our tailored concepts.

living room furnished


Appearance is everything here. Exclusive surfaces, in particular, call for high-quality Venjakob technology. Venjakob offers a diverse range of coating technologies for materials of all kinds. The flexibility of our solutions allows you to respond quickly to changing market requirements. Needless to say, our range of services covers the entire process here, too

shop fitting - bakery counter


Individual architectural solutions can be implemented with a high degree of flexibility, while covering high production peaks. The modular design of our systems provides you with maximum flexibility in terms of batch sizes, materials, and coating types. We can offer the right solution for your challenge.



High-quality functional coating for customized yacht interiors. However varied your range of parts may be, whether in terms of material, size, or geometry, our product portfolio offers the ideal application concept.

Reliable process development  Venjakob can develop the optimal process for you, based on the workpiece to be coated and the requirements of the coating medium. We use the surface pretreatment, coating, and drying technologies that are best for you. Place your trust in the industry experts. We bring together forward-looking technologies and tried-and-tested processes, making professional wood coating in batches a piece of cake. Venjakob systems are precise, effective, and gentle on the material and allow you to achieve high-quality, reproducible surface results. East Westphalia is one of the hot spots of traditional furniture production in Europe and Germany. For more than 55 years, furniture manufacturers have placed their trust in Venjakob’s well-founded expertise.

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