AWFS 2023; July 25-28

Booth # 1137 West Hall / Las Vegas Convention Center

Come and see us and our live coating demonstrations!

Our Venjakob North America team is going to display our spray coating machine type VEN SPRAY SMART expanded by an infeed and outfeed roller conveyor and the cleaning device VEN CLEAN ONE. They are also going to provide live coating demonstrations.

Future-oriented coating technology: energy-efficient + high-performance

Venjakob invites you to rethink your coating processes.

Resource shortage, environmental protection, sustainability, and lack of workers are buzzwords that are on everyone's lips. Venjakob is happy to discuss these topics at the trade fair and share information on what the company has done to optimize users' production processes with its technology.

For example, by installing an innovative, resource-saving recirculation system in the large-capacity booth of the VEN SPRAY PERFECT spray coating machine; for the application of water-based coating materials. This has proven to save heating energy and reduce environmental emissions. The integrated air humidification system assures to achieve highest coating quality with low energy consumption.

Switch to automated coating easily and cost-effectively

VEN SPRAY ONE - Especially designed for the needs of craftsmen and small businesses.

With VEN SPARY ONE, Venjakob offers an interesting alternative, as an efficient replacement, or as a supplement to your hand-held spray booth and relieving the growing demands for reliability and quality.


VEN SPRAY SMART - Saves material and reduces the cleaning effort.

This machine type is equipped with a belt cleaning system and/or paper belt transport.

Its paint recovery unit is both economical and environmentally friendly. If production requirements change, the machine is easily expandable by a cleaning unit, drying system etc.

Achieve perfect finishing results by flexible production requirements with solvent-based as well as with water-based coating material.

Process reliability, reproducible quality and the low required footprint are convincing.

The system is immediately operational (short installation time), user-friendly, low in maintenance and therefore provides a high saving in time.

Find out more about the advantages of this machine.

Come to our booth # 1137 and see it live while it applies a top coat on doors.


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We are looking forward to seeing you!

Rethink your finishing process.

The time has come to break new ground. The experts for surface technology are looking forward to hearing your requirements in the course of the exhibition. They are looking forward to designing a finishing solution for your individual finishing needs. Venjakob will be happy to discuss individual approaches to solutions, or to present realized projects. As, for example, for the furniture/cabinet industry, craftsmen, or building materials industry, for which the family-owned company is a reliable partner. For the staircase manufacturer with batch size 1 as well as for the industrial door coating with feed rates of up to 20 m / minute.

Be sure to stop by and see what Venjakob can offer you.