Tailored coating robot concepts – made by Venjakob

The demand for customized coating systems is on the rise. This has also been clearly apparent to the machine manufacturer Venjakob based in Rheda-Wiedenbrück, Germany, who has gained global renown as an expert provider of surface concepts and conveyor systems. Venjakob has asked users to contribute in the further development of existing coating concepts using robot systems.

Depending on the users’ application and requirement profile, robot coating concepts may be a helpful alternative for surface coating. Venjakob frequently goes against the tide with its coating concepts and the technology used in them.  “As our portfolio includes a wide variety of coating procedures, our customers will always get the best application solution for their needs, be it an automatic coating unit or a coating robot concept,” says Wolfgang Hauser, Head of the Business Division General Industry + Automotive at Venjakob.

Venjakob develops tailored solutions

Since 1963, Venjakob has been working with its customers to develop tailored coating lines and finishing plants, which have, for some time now, included robot technologies.  “We use robots from various manufacturers throughout the entire process, from robots for the coating step that are particularly suitable for complex workpiece geometries to complete automation solutions. Our task is to select and integrate robots according to the work they will perform,” explains Wolfgang Hauser.


He adds that the company intends to focus more on further development of coating concepts using robot technology. “We are already making use of this technology. But we know that we can do much more. That’s why we want to keep developing it, based on the needs of our customers,” Hauser explains the current Venjakob plan. He also emphasizes that Venjakob has the necessary expertise and decades of experience in application systems and coating system manufacture.  “Now all we’re missing is our customers’ requests and requirements so that we can put them into action.”

“Where seems to be the problem?”

Venjakob has asked users to contact the company directly.  “Let us know where your problems lie! We would love your help in further developing our existing solutions!” The company emphasizes that this is not just about developing customized solutions in response to specific orders. It is about incorporating any and all impulses that may lead to new, even more customer-focused concepts in coating robot applications. For additional support, Venjakob is offering participants its own technical center to test the practical applicability of the new developments.